I see you.

I hear you.

I was you.

✔️    You’re doing midnight visits with my bestie, Google.

✔️    You’re feeling the pressure to be happy and soak up every moment.

✔️    You don’t want to ask for help because then you’re weak.

✔️    You feel disconnected from your partner.

✔️    You feel overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities.

✔️   You miss the old you.

You're in the right place, mama!

The New Mama Mentor® Signature Program was created to establish a safe, non-judgmental space for new mamas to find support and confidence in motherhood.

The Birth of The New Mama Mentor®

When I first became a mom, I was terrified. I couldn’t believe the immense amount of responsibility I had taken on with this little tiny human.

I  was so scared that I didn’t want to ask for help for fear that other’s would judge me. It felt like I  was screaming, but no one could hear me.

Then, I realized that none of us really knows what we're doing.  I learned that the best way to enjoy any experience is to find the beauty in it and laugh at yourself when you make mistakes.

As a postpartum anxiety survivor and a therapist, I have helped hundreds of mothers like you and me find confidence in motherhood so we can live freely and authentically.

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You will come away with...

  • The Redefining Mama Blueprint

    ➰ Learn how to be more confident in your role as a new mom, eliminate outside pressure and stressors, and grieve the loss of your old self so that you can take charge of this new identity.

    ➰ The Redefining Mama Blueprint will give you a clear foundation on which to build your “mom” identity so that you can feel confident taking on the challenges of motherhood.

  • The Confident Mama Roadmap

    ➰ Learn to understand your inner critic, forgive yourself, and make mindful choices that lead you to feeling empowered as a mom.

    ➰ The Confident Mama Roadmap gives you the tools to navigate the twists and turns of postpartum life. It will help you navigate each important aspect of postpartum recovery with less stress, more confidence, and peace of mind.

  • The Bold Mama Action Plan

    ➰ Will help you feel confident in how to communicate effectively with friends and family, set boundaries around your time and sanity, maintain a healthy body image for yourself and your kids, find quality time for self-care, and much more.

    ➰ The Bold Mama Action Plan is designed to help you as a mama feel courageous and empowered, while still being gentle and mindful of the realities of parenting.

What my clients are saying...

“Allie is authentic while incorporating the right amount of humor. Most importantly, she has the experience and knowledge to warrant her services.”

“You have provided me strategies to implement with my son to improve our connection and his behavior, as well as the encouragement to seek alternative schooling options while being his advocate. Thank you!”

“Allie has the gift of asking the right questions, with genuine compassion, so you can come to conclusions on your own. This provides a sense of empowerment that is necessary to build confidence in your own decision making.”

“Allie has a way of welcoming all responses without judgement and making you feel less alone in the feelings.”

What's Included?

  • 3 one-on-one sessions with me to check in at each stage of the program ($600 value)

  • 12 weekly support group sessions ($1800 value)

  • Access to the private Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to the course (yes that means you can come back to review the tools after baby number 2!)

  • Monthly Q&A session with experts on different mom topics

  • Access to my specially curated resources list (I.e. books, podcasts, products I’ve tried, articles, etc.) ($200 value)



Commonly Asked Questions

  • What makes this different than any other mom coaching group?

    I don’t know about the other groups, and I know that I am able to offer the expertise of education and life experience to this course. Anything you sign up for will only be as good as what you put into it, and I know my program can absolutely help you reach your goals.

  • I'm pregnant, is it too soon to buy the course?

    While the course is geared towards the postpartum phase, I’m a firm believer it is never too early to prepare for that transition. In our 1:1 sessions we can focus on tailoring the modules to pregnancy in order to help prepare you for postpartum.

  • Do I have to do it in order?

    The short answer is of course, no. The long answer is that, while you can skip around the course, the modules do build on each other and you may miss a skill from the earlier modules if you jump around. But it is a personal choice!

  • Why would I do this instead of using my insurance for therapy?

    Great question. Coaching and therapy can have overlaps, they can also be very different (I know this because I am also a therapist!). While therapy can be useful in understanding your past and the impact on your present, coaching can really help meet you where you are at in the moment and set goals for the future. This is also a group program, which focuses on the community-building aspect of postpartum as well, which is not always available in a therapy setting. Plus, you can always do both!

  • What if this doesn't work for me?

    If after the first 30 days of the program you have done ALL of the work and not made any progress, I have a money-back guarantee

  • How much time will this course take?

    I’m a mom that works full time with 2 toddlers, I understand the importance of time and efficiency. The course is designed to have 15-20 minutes of individual work each week, plus the 1-hour group call per week.

  • I feel guilty spending this money on myself and not my baby

    I hear that. You’re definitely in the right place then. If you feel supported and confident then you are able to show up and be present for your kids. At the end of the day, kids don’t care about the fancy toy you bought them. They care about the undivided attention you give them.

  • What if I am the only one that is struggling with something?

    While this is a group program, there are times when I am available to you 1:1. If you’re feeling alone in a struggle, we will work together to help you to feel less alone and supported.

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